SAI International Residential School provides an amicable environment with modern and state of the art infrastructure, competent teachers and an open curriculum for the wholesome development of the students.

As learning is centric to all the activities at SIRS, students are engaged in productive ways with the help of a well-balanced activity schedule, covering the major areas of development like academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Personalised care and round the clock monitoring plays a major role in their overall progress.

  • At SIRS, students and teachers have an opportunity to interact more closely, which strengthens the bond hence enhancing performance in academics and co-curricular activities.
  • Teachers’ deep involvement in students’ activities motivates them to develop innovative methodologies to impart quality teaching.

Peer interaction is highly encouraged in SIRS, which develops the students’ traits of tolerance, compromise, caring and sharing in a regulated environment.

  • It helps students to develop mutual trust and create lifelong friendships.
  • Peer learning and interaction has always proved to be highly beneficial for the students as they identify different personalities and learn to devise ways to handle them, resulting in an improved confidence level.

  • The teacher’s involvement over a long period of time greatly impacts the academic performance of the students in a positive way.
  • Students clear their doubts at their own convenience from experienced teachers and peers.

  • Proper etiquettes, impeccable mannerisms and other social skills are instilled in students under guided supervision and they are carefully monitored to ensure implementation.
  • Students at SIRS learn the skills of social interaction, independently interacting with different personalities in their daily life. They are trained and encouraged to interact with people from all spheres and develop inter and intra personal skills.
  • Students also develop and respect social values.

Leadership Skills

  • Students are motivated and encouraged to take up initiatives and challenges, given responsibilities to inculcate leadership qualities, which facilitates in building a strong foundation for their future.
  • Constant monitoring in a disciplined set up with a standard routine crafts the student to become punctual and responsible. Trainers and consultants assist the students to be assertive and stand up for themselves.

Being Independent

  • Students are trained and motivated to take independent decisions in a balanced way and also take ownership of their decision.
  • They are taught to take care of their own belongings and be responsible for their own behavior, which helps them to become independent.
  • In multiple ways, students learn to prioritize their requirements thus becoming more systematic in their approach as individuals.

Confidence Building

  • Strong knowledge base, heightened care by teachers and peers, exposure to a world class infrastructure and excellent faculty instills in the students of SIRS, the required confidence to move ahead in life.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Excellent infrastructure for sports and well trained instructors helps the students to excel in developing their physical expertise and refine their athletic skills.
  • Students get several opportunities to learn music, dance, art etc., through experts and choose and learn their favourite instrument from an array of musical instruments.
  • Each and every student gets adequate time to be involved in various club activities, which helps in constructive mental development. For example, students of the Astronomy club can explore the sky at night for a better and clearer view and thus learn more.

Optimal Use of Facilities

  • Students in SIRS have the opportunity to access and optimally use the available facilities of the library, computers, playground, swimming pool, musical instruments and laboratories to name a few.
  • They are provided abundant time and opportunity to focus on their favourite game or activity/ hobby under the supervision of teachers with the required expertise.
  • Students are also encouraged by teachers and peers to develop an interest in a particular activity or take up a hobby. This develops their non-academic skills which is essential for a balanced development of the body, mind and soul.