Have Faith

  • 18 Jul, 2018

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”  – Helen Keller

Faith is nothing but strong unshakable belief in oneself. It is a summation of life. Faith is a unique quality that invigorates a person to be victorious over his disabilities. The will power that percolates in due to the strong faith defeats all odds.

Faith in heart

Faith is in your heart,
For getting that one perfect start,
It is all because of hope,
There will be the right scope,
If faith is in your heart,
Nothing can ever go wrong,
Nothing can ever go apart,
So, keep the hope high,
And, you will get answers to why,
Being faith in your heart!

Class IX students of SAI International Residential School showcased the topic faith and belief through an inspirational video that depicted how faith can do wonder to those who believe in it. Ones highest aspirations and yearnings can come alive just by keeping faith in ones heart and striving through with hard word.

Students felt motivated and energized after the session.