Enriching the Educational Experience

  • 12 Jan, 2018

The SAI International Residential School (SIRS) is a journey of self-discovery for a child as he/she grows to a young adult. At SIRS knowledge becomes a liberating experience as the student will be encouraged to discover his/her interests, talents and aptitudes, learn to form opinions and play a role in the society. This is achieved in a nurturing environment, where the mentor and the mentee live a shared life, as in a gurukul, yet adapted to this millennium.

In order to ensure that students attain their goals, there is a common code, which is clearly understood and practiced by all members of the community. The ideal state of discipline is self-regulation. When we do the right things without being watched, we are considered to be disciplined. Rules and codes of SIRS provide a frame of reference for socially accepted behaviour. Clarity of expectations promotes harmonious living wherein we can lead fulfilled lives and become responsible members of the society.

The specific aims and objective of the school’s values, ethics and ethos are to:

• Promote curiosity, independence of thought, lifelong learning, and fearlessness to explore intellectual realms
• Growth towards self-discipline and self-awareness
• Courtesy towards all staff and workers, at all times
• Development of social sensitivity and responsibility towards the environment
• Ensuring a safe and healthy community.