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Digital Intervention


Digital technology and IT are effectively integrated in the curriculum at various levels which gives the students ample opportunities to learn and explore. For students, technological education has provided an indescribable wealth of resources, information and knowledge. With the current accelerated growth of devices, technology has the potential to transform education, by extending the learning space. SIRS is a flexible, open learning environment that enables contextual, real-time, interactive and personalized learning for the students.

The various online tools used in SIRS are:


Websites and Social Media







Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

ERP provides an integrated real-time view of core processes, using common databases maintained by a database management system. The applications that make up the system share data across various departments. The online facilities are available in school website and school app. Parent can have online access through unique ID & password and use various features.

E-Book Shop

Parents strive to provide the best education to their wards; and we strive to ensure that they are comfortable receiving it. Buying school uniforms, books, accessories, shoes and stationery for children is an annual ritual in every household and it usually comes with a dose of stress for the parents. This has been simplified at Student Gallery of SIRS, a pioneer online retailer of school, college and institutional merchandise. A one-stop destination e-store, for all school requirements, the school weaves together advanced quality, significant material and efficient service. All the products are 100% original and checked for quality before shipping. The student gallery houses the most comfortable and well-tailored uniforms, with the best books, accessories and stationery required for the curriculum. While the team focuses on providing the complete package for the student’s requirements, it also ensures that the entire process is enjoyable and hassle-free, right from buying to getting it delivered.

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We promise to be your perfect partner for school requirements. The Student Gallery e-store is a simplified process which allows the parent to order at their convenience and comfort, with no queues at the school premises. One can rest assured that quality products reach the desired destination.