Career counselling through Digital Intervention

Digital tools are infused in the classroom teaching to increase motivation, expedite learning and instil the IT culture among the students. To facilitate students to reach their career goals the School has collaborated with a comprehensive online platform for career readiness solutions. This digital career planning tool enables the students to identify their strength, explore an array of opportunities and create academic plans that lead to their goal. By developing individualized plans, it helps the students align their strength and interest to long-term goals, in their chosen path and keep them focused on their objective. It also builds in the required confidence to experiment and pursue new areas of interest, as well as learn from their missteps or mistakes, all within a safe environment.

Key Features:

  • Through a battery of on-line tests such as personality tests, career profiling tests, gall up-Strength explorer test, the students identify their strengths and interests
  • Based on the findings, students set goals and assign action points to plan their career
  • Academic planning is made by short listing Universities, making an online resume and creating electronic document space on the cloud, to store and build their profiles
  • Submission of online applications in foreign Universities and getting online feeds for Indian Universities.