• 26 May, 2018

Summer vacation is the time to indulge in loads of fun. It is also the time when you can learn new and exciting ways to stay healthy and fit. One of the most enjoyable exercise is cycling. For children who do not know cycling, it’s the apt time to learn the skill and for those who know cycling, it’s a great time to explore new roads and experience the fun. For safety purpose and you protect yourself, wear knee and elbow pad as well as a helmet.

Be active: Cycling is a wonderful way to keep one active and has a positive effect on the fitness level. As it involves a large number of muscles, it increases the metabolic rate, which helps in increasing the stamina and keep on fit. Fresh air and exercise keeps to healthy and active.

Strengthens the body: It tones the muscles and also helps in gradually building strength and mass muscles in children, thereby making the body strong and healthy.

More attentive: Children who cycles regularly are found to be more alert in all their activities. When one cycles on the road, they learn to open their mind and take care of themselves to avoid dangers, which makes them careful about themselves as well as others. They develop a positive trait which remains with them throughout.

Builds Confidence: Cycling from a young age builds confidence in children. They learn the road rules and how to be careful from a tender age, which is reflected in all their other activities. Good travel habits learned young last for a lifetime. It also boosts the positive mental attitude.

Bonding time: Cycling with parents or siblings gives a new meaning to the experience. Apart from making one physically active, it gives internal joy when one cycles together to some destination or explore new areas with your family.

Make new friends: While cycling, you come across children from your locality doing similar activity which motivates you to extend your hands for making new friends. This also makes the activity more exciting when you travel with friends.

Explore new areas: Kids love to go out and cycling is the safest way when they can explore the narrow neighbourhood lanes or discover the shortest route to your friend’s house. It also gives them a chance to get familiar with own locality, see the beautiful sights and feel happy being a part of it.

Cycling plays a vital role in the overall growth and development of a child. Children gain a lot by learning this activity, from decision making skill to building confidence to remaining physically and mentally happy, to increase in academic performance, the list goes on…