At SAI International Residential School (SIRS) a club is something that is run by students because they want to run it. They meet people with shared interests and conduct activities to learn more about the topic of interest by gaining practical experience in a safe environment. Being a part of a club helps them to learn about skills dormant within them. Students enhance their soft skills while dealing with peers as well as teacher in charges, thus developing the emotional quotient.

Ignited Minds – The Debating ClubQuest – The Quizzing Club
Going Global – The International Activity ClubSpectrum – The Science Club
Robotics – The Robotics ClubDifferent Strokes – The Art Club
Reflections – The Creative Writing ClubEarth Grooves – The Eco Club
Excelomatics -The Math ClubSymphony -The Music Club
Astronomy -The Astronomy ClubRoadies – The Adventure Club
Images – The Photography ClubInteract – The Community Service Club
SAI TV – The Film Making ClubRadio Orange -The Radio Club
Mask – The Theatre ClubRhythm – The Dance Club
Drums and Trumpets – The School BandScouts and Guides – The Scout Club
NCC – The NCC ClubSpectrum – The Spectrum Club
Galaxy – The Galaxy Club