Chandigarh-Dharamsala-Bakra Nangal Dam-Delhi Educursion- Class VII

  • 17 Oct, 2019

It was the time of the year when SIRS takes its students on Educursions to various places in India. Students of Class VII visited Chandigarh-Dharamsala-Bakra Nangal Dam-Delhi. Let’s hear it from the students about his experience of the educursion.

“After a long and tiring schedule of exams, the best way to relax was to enjoy with friends. Our school has decided to send us on an educursion to Chandigarh- Bhakra Dam- Dharamshala- Amritsar- Delhi (6 nights and 7 days) with our most affectionate SIRS teachers.

During the educursion we gained a lot of knowledge about the culture, history, moral values and habitats of people. We also gained a lot of insights about the flora and fauna of Himalayan region and operational aspects of a Hydroelectricity production in Bhakra Nangal Dam.

We are now left with lots of unforgettable memories and all of us are now refreshed a lot of energies to begin our school with rich memories of our educursion which will last a lifetime. 

We learnt how wonderful is mother nature and beautifully she presents herself as a caring mother who nurtured each one of us with tender love and care. 

We learnt to respect the diversity of cultures, language, religion and people and their uniqueness.

We realized how grateful we should be for the gifts of nature. From her bounties that we live and move. Another thought-provoking lesson was how to protect Mother Nature from evil forces, how to stop chopping her limbs (trees), how to take care of Mother Nature. 

The trip was thus enlightening and helped us visually and emotionally. We shall always keep this in our hearts for many many years to come.”

Learning Outcome

Holistic education and enlightenment of each child as goes the mission of SIRS. SIRS encourages its children to develop a strong sense of self, an understanding of cultures, and an appreciation of the diversity of the human experience. Each child is inspired to contribute to the education process by harnessing his or her own abilities. Such educursions act as learning enablers to nurture the future leaders, imbibing the 21st Century Learning Skills.