Celebrating Ratha Yatra at SIRS

  • 09 Jul, 2019

“Lord Jagannatha is an ocean of mercy and as beautiful as a row of blackish rain cloud.”Sri Jagannath Astakam 4

Ratha Yatra is an ancient festival associated with Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Lord Subhadra. The annual festival is celebrated every year on the second day in the bright fortnight of Ashadha month. During the festival, the Holy Trinity comes out of the sanctum sanctorum to visit their place of birth, “Gundicha Temple”. The festival, also known as Gundicha Yatra is celebrated with great fervour by the devotees, who take immense pride and delight in pulling the giant chariots.

The Members of the Dance Club and Interact Club of SIRS organised several interesting activities to commemorate the occasion. A Special Assembly was conducted which commenced with a devotional song, Keri, Keri, creating a religious ambience. Students were shown a video on the history and origin of the Holy Trinity, which gave a brief knowledge on several aspects of the Jagannath cult, including the mysterious advent of the miraculous log, the ‘Daru Brahma’. Students learnt about the reason of the unfinished images of the trio dieties and also why the Sabaras are a part and parcel of the temple servitors of Puri.

Class IX student Prateek Mohanty showcased his excellent artistic calibre when he drew an attractive live painting on Ratha Yatra. This was followed by a beautifully crafted Odissi Dance performance depicting the ancient festival and a brief on why Ratha Yatra is celebrated.