Bringing Structure to Evaluation

Performance assessment is judged and evaluated on the basis of effective learning outcomes.

  • Aligning educational standards and student assessment
  • Balancing external assessments and teacher-based assessments
  • Integrating student formative assessment in the evaluation and assessment framework

Tracking Individual Achievements and Progress

A customized software system, SAMS, has been developed to track students’ academic records and to automate the generation of report cards on the basis of the skills and ability of each student. The software is programmed to calculate the outputs as per the pre-designed formats. This system depicts a graphical representation of achievements and individual goal settings by children, for themselves. It helps to monitor the growth of each child, in individual subjects and extra-curricular activities, with reference to weekly, monthly and summative assessments. The school follows a systematic procedure to determine the merit of students using standardized criteria.

  • Track records of academic performances are closely monitored and remedial classes are provided.
  • The opportunity to access the track record plays a decisive role in shaping the future of the child, which helps the student to pursue a career, after analyzing the yearly academic performance.

It involves reflecting upon the student’s learning, giving purposeful feedback about performances and setting new learning goals, using international academic benchmarks which facilitate rigorous teaching and learning. Individual goal-setting ensures that students are challenged to reach their potential. Parents will be informed of their child’s progress through extensive student reports and student / parent / teacher meetings. At such meetings, students explain their progress, using a portfolio, with samples of their work in conjunction with their learning targets.

Qualitative Learning Measured Accurately

Student performance criteria are based on End-of-Course (EOC) or End-of-Year (EOY) assessments that measure the cumulative amount of student learning that has occurred over a course or a year. This ensures that grades reflect student mastery and retention of the most important content and skills of the subject area. Wherever possible and reasonable, student performance criteria are growth-based measures of student learning. Attainment based measures will only be used wherever necessary and appropriate. All measures of student learning are based on assessments that are sufficiently aligned with the curriculum for the subject and grade.