9 Things You Never Know About the Best Co Ed Boarding Schools in India

  • 19 Jul, 2019

o-education boarding schools are quite niched to find anywhere. Most of the boarding schools are either all boys or all girls. This domain is very less discussed and both parents and students may not know what a co-ed boarding school teaches it’s students. But there are few excellent co-ed boarding schools in India that have their own unique features.

This List Provides 9 Things You May Not Know About the Best Co-Ed Schools in India:

1. Safety and Security:

Safety and security of both girls and boys are a big misconception about co-ed schools. Media plays a vital role in spreading rumours about misconduct and harassment of children at co-ed boarding schools. Reality is something completely contrasting. Co-ed schools familiarize girls and boys and nurture them in a very neutral, cohesive, healthy and congenial environment. Whereas in all boys or all-girls schools they tend to cultivate wrong perception about the other gender due to lack of interaction. Good Co-ed boarding schools give both girls and boys space to talk through and develop mutual respect for each other.

If you seek the security for the students then best boarding schools have strict security rules for students. No one can bunk classes or go outside the school campus without permission.

2. Peer Interaction:

A continuation from the first point, co-ed boarding school helps in developing students’ traits of tolerance, compassion, caring, sharing and empathy in a regulated environment.

It helps students to develop mutual trust and create lifelong friendships both among boys and girls.

Peer learning and interaction has always proved to be highly beneficial for the students as they identify different personalities and learn to devise ways to handle them, resulting in an improved confidence level.

3. Confidence Building:

Students build up their confidence more than anywhere than in co-ed boarding schools. With a rigorous knowledge-based environment with love and support from teachers and comrades, students get a positive environment to grow their confidence.

4. Guru – Shishya Bond:

Students are away from home in Boarding schools. Therefore, they need someone who can guide them and spend time with them. The best co-ed boarding schools in India have teachers who dedicate their life for these students. They impart academic and social knowledge and if needed counsel them. The bond between students and teachers is very firm in boarding schools since they spend considerably more time with them than any other student spends with their teacher in a day school.

5. Enhanced Academic Performance:

The resultant of hard work and guidance from teachers and peers is an elevation in academic performance. Both girls and boys grow in healthy competition that makes each of the individual student to do even better. They also have the privilege to consult with teachers after school and clear doubts.

6. Discipline:

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of studying in any good co-ed boarding school or any boarding school is the discipline it brings in a student. Usually, discipline is a big part of any school, but in the best boarding school in India, it is earnest. You may think everybody knows about how discipline is a big part of boarding schools but there is more to the story. In case a student is found absent from a class or seen dwindling in studies.

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They are called in for personal counselling and if required their parents are called to discuss on the problems they are facing. Morning and evening schedule are prerequisite and everybody needs to comply with those rules. Also, co-ed boarding schools have strict policies regarding drugs or harassment.

 7. Social Life:

Co-ed boarding school teaches etiquettes manners and life skills in all social form and help in instilling values in the students. They also encourage students to live freely and interact with different cultures and personalities for learning to be respectful and empathetic.

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A good boarding school or any good school will emphasize on academic and ethical values equally. A future citizen should not just seek benefits for themselves but for society as well.

8. House Activities

Students in co-ed boarding schools are engaged in productive ways with the help of a well-balanced activity schedule, covering the major areas of development like academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Personalised care and round the clock monitoring plays a major role in their overall progress. Along with academic, sports is also given a big priority in boarding schools. Sports teach team work, maintains healthy body, mind and soul. Other co-scholastic programs also helps girls and boys showcase their talent and keep their skills polished.

9. Leadership Skills

Co-ed boarding schools encourages students to take charge of situations say group projects, rally, etc to evoke their leadership skills. Students are monitored in a controlled setup so that they can learn how to be punctual and true to their work. Trainers and mentors are always there to assist the students to be assertive and stand up for themselves.

They are taught to take care of their own belongings and be responsible for their own behavior, which helps them to become independent. In multiple ways, students learn to prioritize their requirements thus becoming more systematic in their approach as individuals.