Why Sit Idle When You Have Talent

  • 24 Apr, 2020

Students’ Online Hobby Classes

“Engage in tasks and hobbies that bring you joy, like reading a book or going for a run.”  – Jeff Gunn

Amid all these adverse happenings of COVID19 one good thing that has happened in School education is the online initiative taken by different educational Institutions. SAI International Residential School came up with this unique co scholastic learning experience for its students; the ‘Online Hobby Classes’.

Online Hobby Classes

The very first hobby class for the little ones saw a footfall of almost 700 children. It warmed our hearts to see the little ones enjoying the classes and also calling out to their teachers….a clear indication of the special place that each teacher holds in the minds of our dear children. The positive feedback that came our way told us that our attempts were not in vain.

Clubs classes are held every Sunday where in various club classes of Art & Craft, Dance, Music, SAITV, Aerobics, Yoga and Meditation are held for the students.

These activities bring joy in the children even while staying at home during lockdown. Children engage with the teachers online through an online platform as a class.