Life Skills and Wellness Counselor

The development of a child has manifold dimensions. For the overall development of a child and turn into a complete individual, a lot depends on how well is the child groomed with skills. There are certain skills that help people to make informed decisions, communicate effectively and develop coping and self-management that may help an individual to lead a healthy and productive life.

Life skills for students contribute to critical thinking and decision making.  Such skills teach a child to brain storm himself and reach to a definite conclusion. A child who is able to understand and manage his or her emotions will not only obtain better academic result but will be better prepared to be more successful in life, be happier with better physical and mental health.

Life skills teach children how to deal with other people’s emotions. It actually develops the emotional intelligence and helps a child to adjust in his social atmosphere perfectly.

At SIRS the Wellness Counselor supports and counsels them at times of need for the healthy growth of the mind. The wellness counselor utilizes her professional knowledge in human development and mental health to both identify issues potentially impeding a student’s overall success and find appropriate, working solutions.

Well being encapsulates a healthy mind in a healthy body, which significantly impacts the overall performance of a child. The quality of life and achievement of success depends on the emotional and physical wellbeing, which makes it imperative to nurture the child in an amicable atmosphere. Positive motivation and support is provided for students to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle for personal growth, social development, eventually leading to higher academic performance and success in life.

Traditional Practices that truly work

Yoga is an amalgamation of the body, mind and soul which intensifies the mental equilibrium and strengthens the immune system. The control of body and breath movements, acts like a wonder therapy to evade many diseases and brings a calming effect to the brain. Yoga and meditation classes are conducted on a daily basis to improve the concentration level and energize the students, to help better pursue their academic and co-curricular activities in a balanced way.

  • Increase concentration and improve efficiency.
  • Enhance academic performance.
  • Increase self control and promote positive attitudes.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and anger.
  • Maintain good health.

The School is equipped with a modern healthcare facility to cater to the immediate needs of the students. Utmost care is ensured to maintain the health and hygiene of individual students. Apart from general health monitoring, adequate steps are taken to maintain safety and regulate food habits.

  • In-house round the clock doctor, trained nurses and medical attendants.
  • 24/7 Ambulance services.
  • Regular health and dental checkup.
  • Tie up with reputed hospitals.
  • Health card for each student.
  • Well documented health records.
  • Health and hygiene counseling.
  • Air conditioned Infirmary.