The Myth: A Boarding School Creates More Responsible Boys in India

  • 13 Jun, 2019

“I think boarding school does give you an independence”.

 Deirdre O’Kane 

Why should you consider sending your child to boarding school? Wouldn’t he do equally good at a day school? The debate over pros and cons of boarding schools has been an old affair.

These are a few common questions for parents to ponder. For majority of parents dropping their kids off to a boarding school tugs at their heartstrings. No parent has an easy time being away from their kids at a young age. Instead of worrying about sending children to boarding school, one needs clarity over the details of the schools.

Other than academics, athletics and extracurricular activities, there are many more benefits to go to a boarding. People who are against the concept of boarding believe in few “myths”.

According to studies the myths about boarding schools for boys are more than the other gender.

Here are some myths about Boarding school for boys in India –

1. The Myth: Hub for Naughty Kids

The old school of thought believes that if a boy is in trouble or creating some trouble, then he should be sent to a boarding school. This is how parents respond to such a situation. They change their child’s school leading to kid’s lack of interest to go to schools anymore.  They take him out of one school and put him into another. But this is so wrong. A good boarding school in India for boys has the capability of meeting a child’s needs identifying his characteristics. The child is emotionally counseled and made comfortable in the boarding school. The staff and teachers builds a relationship with the child, who believe and understand him. People at home or local schools often ignore this and ends up ruining the child’s life. They have to be people who are personally willing to invest their time in him.

2. The Myth: Kids of Workaholic Parents

It is a big myth that children of working parents only go to residential school. It is not about working parents it only about parent who want their children to be independent, courageous and better citizens send children to the best boarding schools in India.

3. The Myth: Distant Child

Boarding schools are home away from home.  In the world of technology any distance is no distance. Virtually everybody is just a click away. The best residential schools in India for boys offer Skype facilities with the children once or twice a week. Children need to follow routines and discipline but at the same time they are free to use their mobile phone over the weekend. Rules are strict for children to grow as responsible citizen who will adhere to the norms, rules and regulations of the world around in future. Schools like SAI International Residential School (SIRS), one of the best boarding school for boys promotes the use of technology in everyday living. They have a YouTube channel where parents can see each and every activity that goes in school the link is as follows

All events, celebrations, guest speeches, trips every minute detail of what is the life at SIRS is uploaded on the channel of the school, which brings the parents closer to the school and its activities. Parents can see how well the children participate in each of the school activities.

4. The Myth: No Studies, Only Fun

The day in a residential school hostel is well divided equally through the day. Both academics and sports are given equal preference in the best boarding schools in India. It’s a myth that there is no study and only play at the residential school. Best residential schools in India believe in holistic development of the body, mind and spirit and divide the day giving stress to each. They have special time for study and stipulated time for sports and specific hours for sleep, which they need to adhere to for best results.

Now, for Better Clarity We’ll Discuss the Advantages of Top Boarding Schools in India

There are a number of reasons to go to boarding schools for education one of it being it instills a sense of confidence and independence in child which is the most important part of growing up. Another reason to attend boarding schools in India is independence. Parents who feel confidence, independence and discipline is equally important as is studies then boarding schools are the best option to get their children groomed in the right way and direction. Studying at boarding school is much more than just academics; it is the holistic development of the child that the school aims at.

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Children are required to explore through the elements, do their own laundry, and get up in the morning, go to attend classes in time and everything by themselves. Parents aren’t there to shield them from natural causes and effects. Boarding schools are best place to learn resilience i.e. learning from failures and getting right back on track after a fall and start afresh. Boarding schools are a learner’s hubs who strive to attain success in each realm of life.

Kids don’t just get into college they arrive prepared to succeed, with the ability to manage their own lives in every field they chose for their future. They become strong individuals capable of leadership and have awareness about the different characteristics of people. Students learn how to deal with other people and manage their own affair by developing interpersonal skills. Boarding schools are a transformative experience in learning to communicate with others, something a lot of people don’t get until college.

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Community living, sharing, empathy and resilience are the most needed attributes for the future generations and boarding school for boys trains the children in each aspect of life thoroughly.