The Most Practical Strategies For Attracting Students To Boarding Schools

  • 23 Aug, 2021

A significant issue all boarding schools usually face is how to attract students, especially if it is a new academic session.

There’s no doubt that enrolment challenges must be honestly addressed, but it’s equally important to look for ways to rise above the declining numbers and rates.

Since students are exposed to multiple educational options, the best boarding schools in India are continually developing and employing innovative methods to attract new students and retain the current ones. In response, they are achieving success on various fronts, including exceeding their admissions and enrolment targets.

Hence, we have compiled four ideas that can be put into action to jump-start your school’s enrolment and retention. Please continue reading to learn about them.

Name boards to be placed on children’s seats.

Whenever newly joined children are asked to sit anywhere, they choose, most of them become confused and feel embarrassed about not being able to decide. Perhaps, such situations may make them feel unwelcome.

To combat this, faculty at the best boarding schools in India assign seats to the students by displaying name boards. Not only does this add a personal touch, but it also makes the kids feel excited about their academic journey.

Supportive student interaction is imperative.

As opposed to introducing the children to academics on the first day (which will create fear in the children about the teachers and the education system), the best boarding schools in India interact with pupils to improve communication.

Their goal is to get the kids to share jokes, stories, memories, and other experiences they gleaned from their grandparents or other adults.

Having a friendly attitude towards kids will allow them to feel at home in no time.

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Highlight your value proposition.

A concise value statement helps parents envision how your school will contribute to their child’s development during their formative years.

Your boarding school may be the only one offering a faith-based curriculum centred on project-based learning. Alternatively, your school may have a French Immersion program and send students on educational trips to France to develop global competencies.

It is essential to further reinforce your value proposition by accompanying it with videos, photos, and testimonials.

Do not forget to describe the educational objectives behind your unique program offerings. Following are a few popular magnet programs that students (and parents) find attractive:

  • Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Elite Athletic Programs, etc.

Increase the scope of your services

Consider forming an alliance if your school’s infrastructure cannot accommodate all the cultural activities you would like in-house or if your international agreements are not as good as you would like them to be.

Make connections with other leaders in the field and make sure to forge a mutually beneficial joint alliance.

Lastly, utilize this information to drive your marketing strategy forward.

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Final Thoughts

Administrators and teachers must align their goals and put in coordinated efforts into increasing enrolment.

Once you have implemented the strategies outlined above, you can make other data-driven decisions by determining which approach moves the needle the most. This will facilitate optimum resource allocation.

Leveraging data-driven insights is a powerful way of analyzing where you have been, where you’re heading, and how far you’ve progressed.