The best school is the one where the student will be the happiest.

  • 20 Dec, 2017

SIRS ensures a team of approachable staff to be there for each child. A time tested as well as effective pastoral care system is in place. A certified emotional counselor will ensure the well-being of the children. The environment is such that it ensures the safety and comforts of each child. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions and suggestions. Our endeavor is to imbibe a feeling of SIRS being a home away from home.

In a boarding school Pastoral Care is central to every child’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional development. The focus is in building lasting human relationships that is sustained on the strength of the foundation and on the time and effort invested in them. The focus is on a sense of community which helps to develop friendships that will be sustaining in life beyond the school. Children work and play alongside girls and boys from varied backgrounds which makes it an enriching experience.

Spirituality is the core of SAI International Residential School. This is to allow each child to be given that required space for to introspect and be equipped with the tools to take care of and deal with emotional storms. One cannot deny that life is not a bed of roses and it can only be beneficial to children to know how to handle themselves when faced with a trying situation. Morning and evening self reflection time helps them create that essential inner shield.