Sports A Way To Behold The Future Mind At SIRS Boarding School

  • 29 Apr, 2021

If you are looking for the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in India, that would be the proving guide for your child, you should consider the curriculums and activities that they offer. And when we are talking about the activity, what would be more important than sports? Schools that are ranked among the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in India, will have a well-designed and structured curriculum for indoor and outdoor sports activity.

Let’s drive further to look at some of the important benefits that sports offer for your child:

  • Improve health – One of the main aspects of playing a sport is that, it helps in maintaining the overall fitness of the body. Regular sports activity helps in preventing your body from chronic diseases and helps in providing a healthier heart, with strong bones along with enhanced lung functioning. Sports help in maintaining a good balance for the body whether be it mentally or physically.
  • Social and personal growth – Sports activity not only benefits the mental and physical state of the mind but, it helps in the development of social and personal growth in a human being. A student who takes an active part in a sport will naturally have greater self-esteem, his view towards life will change and he will be able to improve social interaction. As studies show the students who are indulged in sports are more likely to be one of the brightest and are less likely to get indulge in evil activities, like suicides, drugs and depression (
  • Improve sleep – Sleep is the most important factor when it comes to the well-being of a human being. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is very necessary, for healthy living. For a student in today’s generation, it becomes much more important as the generations of today are widely engaged to the electronic mediums, so besides their study, if a student is not involved in sports, he or she would end up scrolling through their Instagram or Facebook feeds. This will make them physically unfit, and excess usage of an electronic device would result in insomnia. On the other hand, if a student is involved in a sports activity, he or she will get exhausted physically and would end up crushing in their beds with a soundless sleep, which will boost them up for the next day.


At SIRS which is ranked among one of the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in India, your child will get the benefits of all such activities including the additional amenities and facilities like:

  1. Swimming pool – SAI International Residential School, have the facility of four swimming pools, all equally love and adored by both senior and junior student of the school.
  1. Gymnasium – SAI International Residential School, believes in providing a perfect balance between exercise and meditation. They have the state gymnasium, with excellent trainers who are available 24 hours for guiding the students with multiple activities like stretching, cardio, freehand, or yoga.
  1. Horse riding – Horse riding is a special feature of class that SAI International Residential School, one of the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in India offers to its students. The school constitutes a panel of excellent trainers, who have rendering experience in the field of horse riding. The sport is a physical activity, also boosts mental wellness, and acts as a stress buster.

Including the above benefits SIRS, one of the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in India consists, of sports like football, volleyball, mountain climbing, and many more. For more information please visit us at or contact us at and for admission query reach us at