SIRS on YouTube

  • 04 Jun, 2019

“As the world becomes a more digital place, we cannot forget about the human connection.” – Adam Neumann

SAI International Residential School, the best residential school of India is now there on YouTube with its channel showcasing all the activities the children have been up to all round the year. This will not only help you know about the various activities that the school plans but you also can see your children in action and be connected even when you are miles apart, that’s the magic of digitisation.

You can Subscribe to the channel SAI International Residential School and enjoy watching by selecting what you wish to see from our playlist that highlights various celebrations, events, performances and many more. You can see how the school is scaling newer heights through Awards and Recognitions at all India levels and how SIRS is now a hub of 21st Century Learning Skills. You do get a glimpse of your children trying to make a difference in the society through their small contribution and become the Harbingers of Social Change.

SIRS strongly believes that mentoring children through right words of motivation and inspiration make a great impact on them and hence children are constantly mentored by the Chairman SAI International Dr. Bijaya K Sahoo. Words of Wisdom playlist on the SIRS channel highlights all the mentoring sessions of the students by the Chairman.

Creativity soars high at SIRS and to witness the creativity skills of your children in video production and editing you must visit the play list SAI Motion Pictures where all the videos posted are By the Children and Of the Children.

Don’t just sit back at home knowing nothing but wake up take your phones or your laptops open, copy and paste the link  in the browser and you land up on SAI International Residential School Channel and click on the Subscribe button for regular updates on the channel.

Keep viewing, liking and sharing on the videos on all your social networking sites also feel free to comment on any of your favourite video.

The internet has become one of the motors of the 21st century economy, allowing all of us to reach a global audience at a click of a mouse and bringing smiles on faces far off. Being connected with the children in hostel was never this smart and SIRS makes all efforts to keep your children near you in their home away from home through various digital platforms.