School misses you

  • 15 Jun, 2018

The school loves the crowded fields, classroom and cafeteria.  But the summer break takes away all the charm from the school. Like the shining stars that illuminate the sky, the children illuminate the school with their presence, they have a positive aura. The empty classrooms miss your giggles, the corridors, your funny foot taps, the sports courts, your game sprits and shouting slogans for your teams. The swimming pools miss your splashes; the cafeteria misses your lining up in rows for food and the casual talks while eating, the hostel rooms miss the unmade beds and the scattered books. And most of all the teachers miss your questions some intelligent and a few silly they adore them all. School misses the Einsteins to the clowns, from Sachins to Spielbergs, from abdul kalams to Picasas, of the class; the school misses and loves them all.

We are short of words to express our love for you,

Everything for us is you.

From the day you entered our premise, you made it yours,

It is because of you we exist.

The purpose of our being,

Is to make you a good human being.

The connection you make with us each day,

Will be long lasting till our last day.

You are the apple of our eye,

And the holidays make us cry.

Missing you dear kids……

Enjoy the break dear students. Enjoy the time you have at home. Make the most of it. Don’t wish it away. Love and laugh daily.  Sacrifice for others. Don’t give up on your dreams. Because if you think you’re too cool for something fun or you think that you’re better than someone else, you’re really just hurting yourself. You’re stealing your own joy before you even get to experience it. Be a kid. Live a life of fun and adventure. Support and build up; don’t tear down and destroy. Don’t forget to thank your parents everyday and say sorry to whom you’ve hurt.

Come back dear students, it’s been a long holiday, you must be missing your friends and your school and so do we.

Waiting for you….