SAI Career Talk

  • 22 Jul, 2021

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Herman Cain

SAI International, hosted a career talk with Ms. Rajashree Sahoo, Founder, Achivia on Friday 16 July 2021. She briefed on corporate internships and special impact projects where students can have great experiences to build their profile which can be appealing and impressive to those dream universities they are applying to. Many students have been part of world renowned universities such as Pennsylvania, California and Toronto etc. Ms. Sahoo addressed SAIoneers of Class X, XI and XII students from SAI International School and SAI International Residential School with students joining her in the discussion in the virtual space.

She guided the students on how to transform their Global career profiles for choosing their dream university. She also briefed on various internship programs available and necessary that would match the students’ profile

She also spoke about if students were planning to study abroad, what universities exactly expected from international students. Flexible thinking enables the use of critical thinking and problem-solving to increase future effectiveness in identifying the competencies of the students, likewise applying to Universities that would shape the career in the best possible manner.

Students’ ability to persist in the face of challenges, like using school’s support in a planned manner in developing their individual profiles. Archivia, enhances their ability to analyze and evaluate while planning, like referring to estimate the time needed to complete an upcoming admission process.

Teachers also play a critical role in helping students understand these components of self-management and practice building their executive functioning skills. At each stage mentioned below, processing with you or a peer will prompt students to consider how to better at student profile management

High school students can overlook in-depth processing while they can be encouraged as students to identify effective planning and help them brainstorm alternative strategies.

When students list and analyze their responsibilities, they provide themselves with a concrete point of reference.  That way, they tend to limit impulsive and eliminate ineffective decision-making at the time of application.

Discussion with teachers and counsellors or peers helps students to build self-awareness with an internal understanding of what might positively influence future admissions into degrees of their choice into foreign Universities.

SAI International provides a pathway for identifying and prioritizing the application procedures. Prioritizing requires detailed planning at the level of students, parents and teachers. Thus, detecting the difference between important, goal-oriented tasks, like outlining information for the admission  process.In house career counselling support helps eligible SAIoneers to identify scholarships too while they study abroad.

Dr. Shilpi Sahoo, was happy that the session brought forth important perspectives for the benefit of students and said “SAIoneers have brought great laurels by securing admission in world renowned Universities abroad and have gone ahead in building great careers for themselves. I am looking forward for prioritizing action steps in increases a student’s chance of securing good admissions in Universities that would eventually shape their careers very well.   At SAI International, we have been dynamic and straightforward in our approach towards each and every student studying with us.  Explaining expectations on how to invest mental energy, time, and attention to develop strong student competencies”.