Road trips

  • 18 Jun, 2018

The beautiful terrains of the valley tell us that the road is infinite and ready to be explored by a wonderer. Be the wanderer and unravel the hidden stories in them. Plan a road trip and be that globetrotter as adventure lies in the most unexpected places. When you are on a road trip every day is a new day with new landscape, new adventure and new places; it’s a treat to eyes. It allows you to travel at your own speed to some off beaten paths around. Everybody has this inexplicable desire to roam around and discover; such an urge is definitely inherited from our nomadic ancestors. Once on the road what matters is the journey not the destination. Road trips are whimsical and astounding expeditions they not always have a beginning and an end.

Wonderers when they go on a road trip nothing matters to them neither bad weather nor a bad traffic, they are adamant on the spontaneity of their plan. Such spontaneous plans give us confidence and it induces positivity. Spending time on road is enlightening provides optimism to the traveler; the traveler is also prepared for the randomness of the situation. Here are some reasons why one should go on a summer road trip:

  • Quality time with everybody: while on a road trip you are able to spend time with your loved ones there is no other distraction while you are there in the car. All are confined to sitting inside hence you are able to spend some quality time together which creates a special bond.
  • You discover new places: every road trip leads to discovery and expedition. You see many new cities while driving
  • Your taste buds get pampering: yes the taste buds get new taste across your journey. One is served with a variety of cuisines.
  • Flight tickets are overrated for spontaneous plans: if your plan is random it is cheaper to travel by road than to take flights as the flight tickets when book randomly near to your date of travel is exorbitant.
  • You fall in love with the nature: there is nothing as original as the nature itself. While on a road trips one gets to see the varied flora and fauna of cities they cross.
  • Jamming with music: travel and music go hand in hand. One enjoys music while traveling.
  • Map expert: when travelling it becomes important for you to know the roads and the direction. One becomes a map expert while on a road trips.
  • Feeling of accomplishment when you reach your destination: the joy of reaching ones destination is unimaginable. It’s just like an award.
  • It disconnects: these days everybody is busy in the virtual world. When traveling by road you get disconnected from the virtual social world and you enjoy each other’s company.

Your summer holidays are about to end now. Just go on an unplanned road trip with parents and have a blast. Be a wonderer and explore the unexplored!!!