Religious Unity

  • 25 Apr, 2018

Religion is an essential part of human existence. True Religious leaders across the words have always preached that ‘All roads lead to the same summit’, however people have stretched religious beliefs as per their convenience and selfish needs.

The theme for the Morning Assembly held on Saturday, April 20, 2018 was ‘Religious Harmony’, which emphasized unity and oneness of religion. The meaningful Assembly was conducted by students of Class IX. To showcase the unity of religion, the students conducted a play which portrayed that every person has his own faith, belief, rituals and way of life, which in no way should affect people who believe in different religions. The play conveyed a great message to the students and teachers.

Spirituality is doing things in the right way and the best spiritual act is to be always positive and keep oneself pure and healthy. To ensure this, students of SIRS indulge in sports activities every evening and do Suryast to thank the Almighty.