Students of SIRS have equal opportunity and access to all curricular and extracurricular activities. Students displaying exemplary performance and energy in various fields are acknowledged and honoured by the school to encourage them further and motivate other students towards improvement.

The Chairman’s Club, is the most elite club of the School where the best and the brightest students are eligible to become members. Students with brilliant academic performance and achievers bringing glory to the School with their outstanding accomplishment at the National and International level are inducted. They are awarded badges, stars and blazers by the Chairman as a mark of appreciation. The objective of the club is to recognize the meritorious, raise their confidence to soar to greater heights and motivate others to join. It is an excellent platform for positive interaction, building character, elevating academic standards and becoming role models. The students are encouraged, motivated and mentored to follow their dreams.

Scholars are a class apart, who with their outstanding academic excellence, bring joy to the mentors. To acknowledge these budding geniuses and encourage them to soar to greater heights, a Scholar Ceremony is conducted every year. It is one of the most prestigious ceremonies, where meritorious students are awarded appreciation certificates and badges. Scholar Badges are awarded to students who score an aggregate of 85% and above in a session. Scholar Blazers are given to those meritorious students who win the Scholar Badge for three successive years and if the merit continues, then a Star is added to the Scholar Blazer for each progressive year. The highest honour, the Sapphire Badge is awarded, if a student gets four stars.

Debating is one of the best aspects of educational training which gives insightful and everlasting benefits to students, as they acquire skills, knowledge and the yearning to master a topic. The rigorous and critical thinking brings in a sense of empowerment which instills confidence in the child. The school believes in fostering debating skills from a tender age to widen the horizon of the students and increase their mental agility. Interested and potential students are encouraged and guided to take part in the coveted competition. They are supported and trained by the mentors to undergo extensive research, gather in-depth knowledge, develop analytical acumen and great oratory skills.