Reasons to Keep a Check on Top Boarding Schools in India Ranking

  • 30 Mar, 2019

7 Reasons to Keep a Check on Best Boarding Schools in India Ranking

Parents today consider sending their children away to top boarding schools for a structured academic and co-scholastic experience. But with the emergence of numerous top-ranked boarding schools in India that claim of world-class education, it is imperative of parents to check the boarding school ranking in India before narrowing down on one. So if you’re just embarking on a school search, enlisted below are few undeniable reasons to look out for the ranking of boarding schools in India.

1) Academic Offerings of Top-Ranked Boarding Schools

Is there a structure in place that encourages your child’s intellectual curiosity while urging them to question and engage in the pursuit of new knowledge on a daily basis? An affinity for academic focus is one of the top reasons for seeking a boarding school education by parents and students alike. But what is important is that the top-ranked boarding schools must seek to develop an appropriate curriculum that equips students with essential leadership and communication skills while helping them unleash their true potentials.

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SAI International Residential School, for example, offers a holistic curriculum that continues to transform and grow, meeting the demands of an ever-changing world. The school which is one of the top-ranked boarding schools in India have a diversity of course offerings for the students, as well as customized tutorial sessions to ensure a rigorous, yet balanced approach to education. With innovation and modernization in teaching and learning procedures and a regular updating of academic programmes, SAI International Residential School ensures that students develop both cognitive and non-cognitive skills that are at par with the best in the world.

2) A Home Away from Home

Although nothing can ever replace the warmth and care of one’s families, boarding schools today provide a home-like environment to students. Pastoral care becomes the most important factor to look upon while considering boarding schools as an option. Safety and security, health facilities, food quality, emergency supplies are some important factors considered by the top 10 ranking boarding schools in India, to help the students feel supported and at home at all times. Residential schools must have a reliable security system such as – strict vigilance through CCTV surveillance, 24/7 guard and warden duties, ATM and other emergency medical facilities.

3) Extracurricular Activities

A full choice of recreational activities that build a student’s soft skills is an important factor determining the suitability and ranking of boarding schools in India. Top ranking boarding schools in India like SAI International Residential School offers multi-dimensional programs in sports, music, dramatics, visual arts as well as media training and other communication workshops. Students are encouraged from an early age to indulge in sports, quizzes and house competitions that enable them to demonstrate their prowess in poetry, drama, languages, humanities, math, science, robotics, debating, literature and much more.  A well-developed balance between academic focus and extracurricular activities is undoubtedly an essential part of any learning experience.

4) Smart Facilities

With digital intervention and smart teaching and learning facilities today, students must be exposed to 21st-century learning mechanism which is personalized, contextual, interactive, experiential as well as real-time. The infusion of IT culture and digital tools in classrooms enables students to explore an array of opportunities.

5) Recognition and Awards for Boarding School Ranking

How far is it possible to motivate the students and celebrate their efforts? Exemplary display in various fields must always be acknowledged and rewarded. Not only does it raise the quality of performances, but also motivates students further towards excellence. Students with outstanding accomplishments in academics at a national and international level are inducted into the Chairman’s Club, an exclusive platform for building interactions and elevating academic standards. A scholar ceremony is also conducted every year where meritorious students are awarded appreciation certificates and badges.  SAI International Residential School has been recognized with the prestigious ‘Emerging School World Education Award, 2018’ and Emerging High Potential Schools Award, from Education World India School Rankings 2018 and has created its mark on the national map of India, in its maiden year.

6) Ethos and Principles of Top Ranking Boarding Schools in India

The mission statement of any school reflects the culture within its teaching community and the culture created within the classroom. The ethos statement is generally the root of all decision making, therefore, being an excellent consideration for selecting a boarding school. These factors also determine topics like evaluations, grading, mentoring, and setting long-term learning goals and community building. Most top-ranked boarding schools encourage their students to contribute to the education process and growth by harnessing their own abilities, talents, and strengths.

7) Social Development

A residential school offers a wide range of programs that develop learning and leadership skills within students, thereby training them to be good, responsible and rational citizens, both locally and globally. SAI International Residential School aims at an all-round development of the students by an appropriate balance of theoretical and practical work, communication skills, developing interpersonal relationships, personality development and grooming and leadership training. The students are also trained on ways to apply for jobs through mock tests, interviews, etc. The school aims at training every student to contribute to the society, country and the world at large.

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Once you’ve narrowed upon your choices, consider a school that cares for an all-around holistic approach learning towards the child.