Puppet show at SIRS

  • 22 Aug, 2018

“We are only puppets, our strings are being pulled by unknown forces.” — Georg Buchner

SPIC MACAY organized a puppet show for the students of SAI International Residential School on August 21, 2018. The SPIC MACAY team entertained the audience with the traditional way of storytelling.

The dictionary meaning of Puppetry is; it is a form of theatre or performance that involves the manipulation of puppets are mostly handmade and of cloth and wood, inanimate objects, often resembling some type of human or animal figure that are animated or manipulated with the help of a string by a human called a puppeteer. Such a performance is also known as a puppet play.

Student of SIRS enjoyed the show as they had never witnessed anything like this show before. The Headmaster SIRS thanked the organizers for holding such an amazing puppet show session for the children of SIRS.