Parents, Teacher and Students E-Reunion

  • 28 Apr, 2020

“It is good netiquette to use the internet for online education.” – David Chiles

SIRS held an online reunion for the parents, teachers and the students during the COVID 19 lockdown on April 26, 2020. Though the Lockdown has put a break in everybody’s lives it’s the SIRSS parent teachers and students still connected.  SIRS family online gathering reunited the parents, students and teachers and administrative body. More than 200 students were online to enjoy this two-hour gathering.

Students and parents were enthusiastic and euphoric about the gathering. It is a time to be by themselves, to interact with the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, teachers and their class teachers.

Students performed dance, singing and instrumental recital. It was an interactive session all through controlled and coordinated by the Headmaster himself.