Parents are God on earth

  • 23 Jun, 2018

“No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.” – Brad Meltzer

SAI International Residential School inculcates moral values to the children from the early classes. A session was held at SIRS that stressed upon the values of respecting elders, parents and teachers to guide the children in the right direction and make them understand the need and importance of virtues for a strong and sturdy foundation and raise responsible and humble citizens.

It is important to instill values of respecting parents as when children grow up, they forget and take parents for granted and parents out of love and affection distant themselves. Below is a short story narrating a parent’s feeling.

It was a hot summer afternoon and Shibu’s parents were working at a construction site, carrying bricks over their heads while Shibu down with high fever was sitting in shade at the same site. Ramni was thirsty and perspiring; her husband Ramu’s feet were bleeding as he was hurt walking naked feet in heat. Ramni was climbing the stairs with bricks on her head, while working also she was keeping an eye over her son. She saw that Shibu came out of shade and started playing under the sun in heat. She shouted at Shibu but he didn’t listen to her.  While she rushed down the stairs to go to her son, she toppled and fell. Even though she was bleeding in pain she went to her son to comfort him.

Shibu grew up and started working in a good firm in a different city. His parents were still in the village. They were neck deep in loan for which Shibu kept sending money orders every month but it wasn’t sufficient. One fine day Ramu went to the city to meet his son but to his surprise he found someone else living there. His son had shifted without telling him. Somehow he enquired about his whereabouts from his neighbors and met Shibu. Ramu asked him to visit his mother in the village to which Shibu ignored and said he was busy. Ramu went back to his village and did not contact his son further. Some months passed and Shibu’s money orders returned unreceived. He got worried and went to the village to find out about his parents. He did not find his parents in his house they used to stay in. Somebody told him that they had moved to the slums. Shibu went there and asked why they moved to such a place. To which his father said that they had to sell the house to pay off the loans and had to shift. As Shibu was already busy Ramu did not want to inform him about the development that had happened.  Shibu realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness and took his parents along with him to the city. Parents are such; they don’t want to give any discomfort to their children.

Parent’s love is selfless, unconditional, and a blessing for children. In the above story the parents worked as laborers and sweated their lives out for their son and even a small discomfort to their child wasn’t acceptable. The moral of the story was that parents want their children to be happy and it’s a child’s responsibility to take care of parents till the end of their lives.