Pajama Parties

  • 31 May, 2018

A pajama party, sleep-over or a slumber party at a friend’s place is so much of fun.  Kids, mostly teenagers plan such parties and enjoy all night together. It is a heaven for kids and almost a hell for parents. Parents get overly tired kids with dirty rooms and kids have a gala time. Occasional sleepovers are beneficial for kids in many ways whether you like it or not.

Benefits of slumber night parties

  • It boosts social skills: children learn to help each other, feel about each other’s comforts and discomforts, they learn to stay together even with differences. They learn patience.
  • Children get to try new skills: children in a sleep-over party learn a lot of new things. They learn to adapt themselves to new environment, try new things, new surroundings, new food and lots more.
  • It helps build independence: it’s difficult for children to be away from parents for the whole night but when it comes to spending night with friends, children automatically become independent and happy.
  • Children get to make and strengthen relationships: children make new bonds within themselves and get to know how to nurture their friendship.
  • They become responsible: staying away from parents make them responsible they start to take to take their own decisions and get to find out what’s right and what’s wrong for them.
  • It aids self advocacy and communication skills: kids learn to talk to each other and learn to defend themselves in any kind of an argument.

How can you make your sleep-over parties more interesting and lively!!

  • Transform your room into a cozy fort
  • Make some DIY (do it yourself) tent houses in your room
  • Blow some gas balloons and stick some glitters to it
  • Wear matching pajama or gift matching pajama to your friends
  • Do photo shoots
  • Plan a karaoke and sing out your way
  • Do pillow fights
  • Provide plenty of glow-in-the-dark accessories and goodies and plan a game with them
  • Girls you can set up a mini spa
  • Make a crepe paper maze
  • Make your most wanted to watch movie list and view them over the night with popcorn and juices
  • Keep some good music alive

So kids, plan a summer holiday sleep over parties and enjoy all night long…. And parents please allow it once a while….

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