Not Just a School, a Family that Nurtures

SAI International Residential School (SIRS) is not just a school, it is a family. The institution not only meets but also understands the students’ intellectual needs, be it at the physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual level. Each student is provided individual attention, and the hard work and efforts, appreciated. Some of the key focus areas are:

  • Building relationships – this is one of the most critical aspects, be it behaviour management, instructional techniques, or content knowledge, the teachers and faculty are well trained to foster relationships.
  • The students are made to feel wanted, cared for, and at all times loved.
  • Creating a nurturing environment for students thus reducing the power differential between the instructor and students.
  • Allowing students to bring in their own reading material and present it to the class, providing them an opportunity to both interact with and share stories, thoughts, and ideas which are important to their cultural and social perspective.
  • Ensuring completion of work as per schedule by providing appropriate guidance from teachers.

Students are challenged academically, athletically, creatively, and personally in the invigorating, multicultural environment. The students are provided personal and academic support, a daily structure, and a vibrant experience where life skills will flourish within a safe, positive and nurturing community. They have their own private space, a study schedule and are motivated to be organized while developing self-discipline in meeting tasks and deadlines. They develop learning habits which lay the foundation for them to build upon. The health of the students is monitored by the school doctors.

The pastoral system facilitates the following:

  • Assemblies held regularly.
  • The student council members along with the teachers, housemasters and house wardens looking in to the code of conduct, ideas and concerns of the students.

SMART Target-Setting (having specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-limited targets) recorded in planners, in the form of a homework diary, a place where key information can be found.

The involvement and participation of parents is crucial to a child’s success. Parent involvement and enthusiasm in all aspects of the school community is welcomed, and parents are encouraged to develop good levels of communication with staff, teachers and the management. The parent teacher association is made up of parents, teachers and staff members who help with the following aspects of the school community:

  • Enriching the educational experiences of the students.
  • Bringing home and school closer together.
  • Fostering school spirit and cooperation among the school community.

The parent teacher connect also offers support to the school during larger sports events, annual functions, conclaves, fests and other special occasions held at the school each year.

The House system is a long standing tradition that creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. Students are awarded house points for academic, extra-curricular and pastoral activities in daily school life. The house points help in obtaining certificates of achievement for individuals and develop self-confidence, personal and team pride, building towards house pride. House teams compete with each other to earn house points in quizzes, multiple school based competitions and sports activities. These activities run in conjunction with different departments in the school, enabling students to demonstrate their prowess in Poetry, Drama, Languages, Humanities, Maths, Science, Sports, Music, Debating and Literature.

The health requirements of growing children are properly catered to, with fresh and nutritious food provided at regular intervals in the bright and cheerful cafeteria. To nourish the young bodies and minds, students are briefed on the benefits of healthy eating. Food is carefully prepared by a professional catering service under the strict supervision of an experienced and qualified nutritionist and dietician to meet the dietary requirements of the students. Feedback of the students and staff are incorporated at regular intervals to ensure enjoyable eating.

  • Spacious well-ventilated cafeteria.
  • Professionally equipped kitchen with trained chefs.
  • Scrumptious, well balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Stringent sanitation maintained.
  • Preparation with fresh ingredients.
  • Feedback taken regularly to plan menu.
  • Menu for the week updated on the website.
  • Complete meals with breakfast, mid morning snacks, lunch, evening snacks, dinner and health drinks.

SIRS takes ample care to address the academic needs of the students as per individual choice and caliber to develop the required skills for higher academic success. Students are made to feel cared for, by effective imparting of knowledge in an amicable environment. Students are provided regular coaching by qualified professionals and renowned coaching centers, to ensure effective skill building and knowledge transfer. Coaching class for entrance examinations are regularly conducted in partnership with renowned organizations.

  • Regular coaching facilities for entrance examinations such as SAT, NEET, JEE, CLAT etc
  • Specialized coaching in each stream
  • Early morning remedial classes for late learners
  • Every day evening classes by external or internal tutors