Virtual Exchange: SAIoneers Explore Colonialism’s Impact in Round Square History Lab

On November 23, 2023, students from SAI International Residential School engaged in the Round Square Virtual Activity - Round Square History Lab Pilot, focused on the theme of Colonialism for students aged 14-18. This innovative initiative marked the second session of the Round Square History Lab, presented by students from The Hyderabad Public School in India. The virtual gathering, held at 9 am GMT (2:30 PM IST), united 180 students from 25 schools spanning 14 countries.

Commencing with an introduction by the host school's students and an impactful discourse by the Vice Principal, the session aimed to explore the impact of Colonialism within each participant's cultural and national context. Each school contributed a concise one-slide, two-minute presentation, addressing the question: "How did this event impact your country directly and how is it presented in your part of the world?"

Subsequently, participants were organized into separate Zoom Rooms for Baraza, fostering a meaningful international virtual exchange. The overarching objective of this initiative is to cultivate empathy, underscore the multiplicity of perspectives in historical narratives, and emphasize that interpretations of historical events vary based on individual contexts. The students' feedback distinctly reflected the success of this immersive and enlightening experience.