Bollywood Pop singer, Theatre Artist and Motivational Speaker, Ms. Sharon Prabhakar was the Speaker for the evening Expert Session on Personality Development of SAI International e-Summer Camp, held on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

The much loved singer started her session with a brilliant song that took the parents down the memory lane. She went on to share her thoughts on effective time management and on creating a stronger bond between family members. Delineating the importance of family, Ms. Prabhakar advised the parents and students to create a holistic environment through love and unity to keep away the evil outside the walls of their home, heart and mind. She urged the parents to be more resilient and build a strong bond with their children through open dialogues along with an abundance of love and quality time, as parents are the greatest support of their children.

She spoke about the significance of the journey inward which would help people to know their own strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to become the best version of themselves. She said that no one has the power to control time, but each individual has the power to create and control their own talents, strengths and skills. She advised everyone to focus on maximizing their good qualities and enjoy the voyage called life.

Ms. Prabhakar encouraged all the viewers to respect their own selves, as they are born in the highest version of species, which has the ability to carve a wonderful future for themselves as well as for the society. She also urged everyone to contribute their own bit to make this world a better place.

Talking about time management during COVID, Ms. Prabhakar suggested the students to use the time to perfect their won skills, push themselves beyond limits and strive for excellence, that would help them come out of the pandemic smarter. She said “Invent your future, look at the lines on your palm and say I am the pilot of my life”. She asked the students not to be slaves of their mobile phones, rather become slaves to their knowledge, which would help them in their life’s journey.

The unique e-Summer Camp of SAI International is thoroughly enjoyed by the students and parents alike. Apart from nurturing the 21st century skills, the innovatively designed camp keeps the children engaged and entertained during this pandemic, through carefully crafted activities. Founder and Mentor SAI International, Dr. B.K.Sahoo shared that education today is more about empowering students with skills that would enable them to succeed in this new world with confidence and grace, as well as imbibing in them the value of empathy. This e-Summer Camp is focussed on instilling the new millennium skills in the students and provide parents with an enriching experience.