It was the 3rd Foundation Day Celebrations at SAI International Residential School (SIRS) on Friday, April 2, 2021, where Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder, SAI International Education Group congratulated the family of SIRS on the successful 3 years and wished them good luck for years to come.

Keeping COVID 19 in consideration the school held the Foundation Day online for the Parents and students.

While interacting with the parents and students of SIRS, he entreated the SAIoneers to learn and adapt the 21st century skills imparted in the various school activities so as to equip themselves for a better future. He also spoke about Artificial Intelligence and its significant effect in future. Dr Sahoo while addressing the students and parents remarked on the importance of imbibing Indian values. He said, “our children must be encouraged to learn about tradition and culture and they must learn to seek blessings from parents and grandparents by touching the feet of one’s parents or any elders”.

Dr. Sahoo envisions that when SAIoneers interact positively with their good conduct and behavior, the external world will be impressed with value centrism, with class apart upbringing which will be highly noticeable in community. He emphasized that the students must assimilate the knowledge in a proper manner and internalize the learnings so as to strengthen their own inner self. He encouraged them to pursue their mission and objectives of life and not get deterred by the various diversions and challenges. Hence, they will be very well prepared for life too, to handle any kind of unforeseen circumstances in case it arises.

While delivering the talk to the parents Dr. Sahoo said that now parents must adapt to new age parenting as per the new normal. As children will not be just coming to school with books and get broadcast knowledge. Instead experiential learning will enrich the minds and children will learn faster and better with the use of Artificial Intelligence. almost getting a vivid clarity while complex concepts are being taught to them in the most simplified manner. Their good parenting will nurture the SAIoneers will not just to learn how to earn a salary; rather their capacity building will be such that they can make worthwhile careers and learn to give back to the society and nation building.

Dr. Sahoo expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the parents whose unwavering support has enabled SAI International to come up with India’s first teaching and learning app SAI Online and SAI Home School and brought the Schools to the homes when the children cannot reach school.