SAI EPIC ECHOES: FOLKTALE CHRONICLES 1.0 – A Triumph of Virtual Storytelling Uniting Cultures

In a groundbreaking initiative, SIRS hosted a virtual storytelling extravaganza, with participation from eight schools—seven national and one international on November 28,2023. The event, transcending geographical barriers, showcased a seamless exchange of rich cultural narratives through advanced video conferencing technology. Hosted by the dynamic SAIoneers Adarsh and Drishti, the session commenced with a divine blessing, setting the stage for a truly memorable experience. Keynote speaker Ms. Saswati Nanda Satpathy mesmerized with her storytelling brilliance, inspiring young storytellers. Judges Ms. Roopa Midha and Mr. Amarjit Jadav added credibility to the event, fostering cross-cultural understanding. This successful virtual endeavor exemplifies the power of technology in preserving oral traditions.