Navigating Career Paths with Michigan Universities

On August 16 & 17, 2023, SAI International facilitated an informative virtual career talk in collaboration with AccessMCA, a distinguished program offered by prominent Michigan universities. The event catered to students of class XI and XII, providing them with valuable insights. AccessMCA offers a distinctive pathway for international students aiming to expedite their admission process. It entails successfully completing the first year of accredited undergraduate study, which involves a blend of online learning from their home country and optional in-person summers at MCA universities and colleges. 

This innovative program guarantees seamless credit transfer and admission to the Michigan university or college that aligns best with the student's aspirations. Moreover, participants are empowered to complete their undergraduate degrees within a span of three years upon relocating to the United States. Notably, the attainment of 24 college credits ensures a guaranteed admission to the esteemed member institutions of the Michigan Colleges Alliance (MCA).