Linguistic Discoveries: SAIoneers Connect with Te Reo Māori Language Lab

On May 30th, 2024, SAIoneers engaged in the 2nd session of the RS Te Reo Māori Indigenous Language Lab series, hosted by Christ's College, New Zealand. The virtual session, focusing on "Family," brought together students from India, Japan, and New Zealand, fostering a diverse learning environment. Mr. Keri Campbell from Christ's College initiated the session with an overview, followed by participants splitting into three Baraza rooms for in-depth discussions. The presentation delved into Māori Language fundamentals related to family, covering vocabulary, greetings, farewells, and basic conversation elements, including pronunciations. Each participant learned their introduction in Māori, enhancing the cultural exchange experience. This event underscored the value of language learning and cultural understanding in a globalized context, equipping SAIoneers with essential skills and perspectives for personal and professional growth.