An inter-house drama competition was held at SAI International Residential School. All the houses staged some message oriented plays on Sunday, October 28, 2018. The students were given 12 hours time to prepare and present the same with 20 participants each. They were judged upon various parameters like; Content, language, theme, punctuation, presentation (acting). They were all given different topics like the Vajra House acted on the Role of SIRS in students’ life, while the Dhavja House prepared an act on Akbar & Birbal, the Chakra and the Srivatsa’s topics were, Role of Parents, Parental Love and Importance of English respectively.

All four houses put up an exemplary show, laced with good moral values. The four judges from four different houses finally arrived at the conclusion:  and the best team won.

The Vajra and the Srivatsa House together secured the 1st place while the 2nd and the third places were taken by Chakra and Dhvaja house respectively. Thunderous applauses, laughter and giggles could be heard throughout the event. In a short span of time children delivered some beautifully crafted plays.