Instilling Values of Service, Honour & Purpose: NCC Orientation for 1st Year Cadets

A momentous occasion unfolded at SAI International Residential School as Mr. Havildar Senthil Kumar B from 1 Odisha Art Bty, Cuttack NCC, orchestrated an inspiring orientation class for the eager 1st-year cadets. With unwavering dedication and passion, Havildar Senthil Kumar B shared his invaluable expertise and experiences, igniting a profound sense of patriotism within the young hearts. Enthusiastically, 45 students attended the session, embracing the values of discipline, courage, and service. This empowering event has set the course for these budding cadets to become tomorrow's leaders, driven by a deep love for their country and a commitment to make a difference.

"The NCC orientation session at SAI International Residential School was an extraordinary journey of inspiration and growth for all of us. Havildar Senthil Kumar B's passion for the NCC and his unwavering dedication to the nation left an indelible mark on our hearts. Learning about discipline, courage, and service to our country ignited a sense of patriotism within us that we never knew existed. This experience has instilled in us a deep appreciation for the values of leadership and unity. We feel honored to be part of this remarkable program, and we are more determined than ever to become responsible citizens and serve our nation with pride and honor.", expressed a1st-year NCC Cadet at SAI International Residential School.

"It was a privilege to conduct the NCC orientation class for the 1st-year cadets at SAI International Residential School. Witnessing the enthusiasm and eagerness of these young minds to learn and embrace the principles of the NCC was truly inspiring. My aim was to ignite the flames of leadership and instil a deep sense of patriotism within them. I'm delighted to see their passion and commitment towards our nation. I firmly believe that these young cadets have the potential to become exceptional leaders and make a significant impact on society. I have no doubt that they will shine brightly as they walk the path of discipline, courage, and service, making our country proud.", said Havildar Senthil Kumar B, 1 Odisha Art Bty, Cuttack NCC.