Harvesting Awareness: Unveiling Farmers’ Realities at AFS Virtual Farmers’ Conference

On November 25, 2023, the SAIoneers of SIRS took part in the inaugural phase of the AFS Calendar Activity, hosted by Pragnya Bodhini High School under the theme "A World that Eats Together, Grows Together." This distinctive activity aligns with the 2023 International Year of Millets (IYM2023), recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations, along with the Indian Government's proposal to celebrate Millets on a global scale.

In the enlightening virtual farmers' conference, students explored diverse perceptions by sketching farmers, challenging stereotypes. The event showcased the multifaceted backgrounds of farmers, including individuals with master's degrees in journalism, photography, and economics, as well as accomplished female farmers. Inspired by these revelations, students eagerly anticipate Phase II, which involves connecting with tribal or rural families, creating a video submission, and cooking a millet meal together.