Harmony of Serving: SAIMUN 2023’s Service Project with Shree Harsha Memorial

At the core of SAI International Education Group's values lies a profound sense of gratitude, philanthropy, and collaboration. Embodying these principles, SAIMUN 2023, in partnership with the Rotary International Club, Interact, and Going Global, organized a remarkable service project on July 29, 2023, as part of its annual "Joy of Sharing" activity. The project was held at the Shree Harsha Memorial School for Deaf and Mute, with a noble aim to provide education to differently-abled children. The day's efforts proved to be highly fruitful as international delegates and club members engaged in various art and crafts activities, culminating in the creation of a vibrant gaming zone. Thanks to the generous donations from students of Interact and Going Global, this gaming zone was gifted to the school to enhance its extracurricular curriculum development (ECD).

Through this collaborative CSR endeavour, SAIMUN 2023 demonstrated the power of coming together for a meaningful cause. The spirit of compassion and dedication was evident throughout the service project as participants wholeheartedly worked to make a positive impact on the lives of the students at Shree Harsha Memorial School. The act of giving back and fostering education among differently-abled children showcased the embodiment of SAI's ethos and culture of making a difference in the community. This heartwarming event instilled empathy & left a lasting impression, inspiring all involved to continue their journey of making the world a better place through gratitude, philanthropy, and collaborative efforts.