Grand Finale Puts a Musical and Artistic Bow on the Science Conclave

SAITED 2023 reached its pinnacle with an unforgettable grand finale, culminating in a closing ceremony that honoured the winners of various science sessions and events. The stage came alive with captivating dance performances, adding a rhythmic flourish to the fest's conclusion. The crescendo of the evening was marked by the stellar performances of Rapper Yayati, Mimic, the Beatboxer, female vocalist Gini, and male vocalist Shashank Shekhar. As the night sky sparkled with fireworks, it symbolized the culmination of a spectacular event that blended talent, recognition, and a celebration of diverse art forms, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of all who attended. The group performance captivated the students in attendance and offered a pleasant way to round off the day’s activities.