The e-Summer Camp of SAI International is a unique amalgamation of creativity and technology, which knows no boundaries. Enthusiastic students from Play Group to Class XII, are actively participating in the fun-filled Camp, held from June 1 to 14, 2020. A gamut of age appropriate interesting activities are designed to sharpen the 21st century skills and augment the creative minds of students across various age groups. An evening Expert Session is held every day, for the entire family to de-stress, learn, reflect and have greater awareness about the world around them.
On the 10th day of the eSummer Camp of SAI International, musical performances by the students of Taibah International School, Kampala, Uganda and Kirwan State High School, Townsville, Australia was marked as a day of Global oneness. The guests at the International Expert Session on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 shared how they are fighting the Pandemic and how they spread happiness around in the stressful days.
Deputy Principal Ms Liz Hennig of Kirwan State High School, Townsville, Australia shared her views on how they practiced social distancing, how they coped with the virtual learning system, and how no one in their community goes hungry as that is their way of spreading happiness during the pandemic days. In the interactive session a student from Kirwan State High School said it was important to spread positive news about the pandemic during the lockdown was a way to spread happiness around in the children and how she missed interacting with her peers and teachers person to person. She even emphasized that virtual learning can never replace offline physical classroom learning. Students also gave beautiful messages to stay safe during the pandemic by using the alphabets in their names which was indeed a creative activity by them. Students and teachers showcased a very peppy song that depicted happiness from each sphere of learning where students from different streams performed from the school. Students from Taibah International School, Kampala, Uganda presented a soulful music using their local instruments. They even explained how the instruments and made and used.
Students from SAI International expressed how they are keeping themselves happy during the COVID times. They shared that they are reading books and learning new things during these days.
Sr Principal Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi said how SAI International has been a pioneer in creating an online learning platform for the students and how the School is using the best practices to connect, collaborate and create bonds Nationally and Internationally through such online sessions.
Founder and Mentor, SAI International Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo said, that he is very positive about the outcome of the pandemic in terms that it has given a better insight into the use of technology and bringing the world closer, together and beyond boundaries. And learning has shifted from teacher centric to student centric. He added that this shift will bring about a new normal and help our children face greater challenges in the future. Dr Sahoo emphasized and said, “ we will connect, collaborate and create platforms for children across the Globe so that there is cross cultural learning and they can communicate easily and use this to create opportunities on a single platform called as, One World, One School and One Platform”.
It was truly a day that unfolded itself with surprises.