From Summit to Serenity: International Delegates Explore Dhauli

SAIMUN 2023 aimed to provide comprehensively-designed immersive cultural experiences which strived to provide efficacious learning ventures for all stakeholders, facilitators and organizers involved. 

On Day 1, international delegates embarked on an inquisitive and insightful exploration of the Peace Pagoda situated in a silent corner of the Dhauli Hills, offering a euphoric escape into Buddhist culture, tradition and a historically-wealthy diaspora. The Peace Pagoda, namely the Dhauli Shanti Stupa offers an experience of the intersections between the deep-rooted ties of Buddhist and Odishan culture.

Amidst the serene surroundings, delegates engaged in meaningful discussions on global issues, strengthening diplomatic perspectives. This trip to Dhauli facilitated a global exchange of ideas, as delegates from different corners of the world immersed themselves in the region's history and culture. The interactions and shared experiences during the visit fostered a sense of interconnectedness, promoting cross-cultural understanding and paving the way for fruitful international collaborations throughout the SAIMUN conference.

An international delegate remarked, “The Peace Pagoda was an extremely interesting visit. Not found in any mainstream travel catalogue or map, it is one the hidden gems of Odisha, really happy that I got to explore this beautiful state amidst the MUN.”

The visit to Dhauli served as an inspiring prelude to the upcoming committee sessions, establishing a strong foundation for productive and collaborative debates ahead.