Exploring Industry Through Enriching Factory Visits

SAIoneers from Classes IV, V & VI embarked on an educational journey to the esteemed Lingaraj Biscuits Factory in Bhubaneswar. The visit included an engaging video presentation on the industry's production process, followed by an interactive session. Guided tours through the mixing, molding, baking, cooling, and packing sections provided valuable insights. The trip concluded with a delightful biscuit treat, leaving the students both informed and delighted by the experience.

"Visiting the Lingaraj Biscuits factory was a remarkable experience! Seeing the entire process of biscuit-making up close was fascinating. It made me appreciate the effort that goes into creating something we enjoy every day.", said a student from Class IV after the visit.

"The interactive session and tour at the factory were so engaging. Learning about the different stages of production was eye-opening. And of course, getting to taste fresh biscuits was the icing on the cake!”, expressed another student from Class VI.