Embracing Tomorrow with Gratitude: SAI Asirvada Radiates Love and Farewell for Class of 2024

‘SAI Asirvada’ ceremony was conducted amidst loads of fun & gaiety on Tuesday, February 6 2024, to bless the graduating students of Class XII for a successful future, as they move onward & upward in their respective lives. The day-long celebration was marked with power packed dance performances, tongue-twisting games & euphonic musicals. Students elegantly dressed in their formal best. The Class XI students left no stones unturned to ensure that their seniors get a memorable farewell. The graduating SAIoneers were presented with Uttariyas' as blessings from Shri SAI, by the Chairperson, SAI International, Dr. Silpi Sahoo. SAIoneers Krish Khaitan and Sneha Somani from the Class of 2024, were titled ‘Mr. SAI’ & ‘Ms. SAI’ respectively.

The blessing ceremony began with Sai Baba’s Aarati and lighting of the Lamp by our esteemed Chairperson, Dr. Silpi Sahoo; Director, Mr. Dipak Somani; Headmaster, Mr. Amitabh Agnihotri & Dean, and Mr. Tanuj Kumar Sahoo

The event, brimming with emotions and nostalgia, unfolded with a captivating journey down memory lane, featuring a heartfelt video capturing the blessings and motivational words of our founder chairman, Dr. Bijay Kumar Sahoo. Following this, SAIoneers Nancy, Suryanshi, Anjeleena, Krish, and Sneha shared their profound experiences, each filled with warmth, gratitude, and appreciation for their growth and achievements at SAI International Residential School (SIRS).

The ceremony was a poignant moment as institutional leaders and teachers showered the children with blessings for their future endeavors, creating an atmosphere resonant with pride and gratitude. A delightful Hi-Tea Party in the Cafe Area added a joyful touch to the occasion. The event not only marked the closure of an academic chapter but also celebrated the promising future awaiting these young minds. The culmination for the children of classes XI and XII extended into a memorable cultural evening. Post-photography and Hi-Tea, they enjoyed a spectacular showcase featuring a choir, mesmerizing and power-packed dance performances, poetic renditions, euphoric musicals, and a ramp walk—all thoughtfully organized by the students of class XI.

The blessing ceremony was truly inspirational & touched a chord for almost everyone present in the ceremony, where the juniors honoured the accomplishments of graduating seniors, thanking them for their unremitting guidance & wishing them well on the new exciting paths that they’re starting on. Every SAIoneer walked away from the ceremony feeling proud & acknowledged for their hard work, dedication & unabating contributions to excel at a diverse set of fields, feeling encouraged to stay driven for their next adventure that life has in store for him.