Embracing IDEALS in the Global Round Square Dialogue with Ashbury College, Canada

SAIoneers enthusiastically engaged in the Round Square Zoom Postcard event hosted by Ashbury College in Canada on January 24, 2024, centered around the theme "What are your IDEALS?" The 90-minute virtual session, commencing at 7:30 PM IST, drew participation from 170 students representing 29 schools across eight countries (Canada, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, UK, U.S and UAE). As part of Baraza breakouts, students delved into discussions surrounding Round Square Ideals, fostering a global network to explore internationalism and various other Ideals. SAIoneer Archit Agarwal expressed admiration for the value of service, learning about a school's consistent donations to flood-prone areas. Ishrit Singhania highlighted gaining insights into ideals and diverse perspectives, discovering the approaches of schools worldwide. Janvi Patra found the experience unique, sharing and learning about creative implementations of Round Square Ideals. Arnav Kumar emphasized the importance of such virtual meetings for global student communities to exchange views. Shiv Agnihotri reflected on a great experience, particularly in sharing thoughts on leadership with students worldwide. Dia Das described it as a novel experience, discovering creative ways for self-improvement through shared learning.