Echoes of Freedom: Spectacular Commemoration of India’s 77th Independence Day

On the advent of the significant commemoration of India's 77th Independence Day, the SAIoneers came together to celebrate with unwavering patriotism and solidarity. In a touching ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Otta, with a sense of pride, hoisted the national flag, embodying the enduring vigor of the nation. Bedecked in vibrant house dresses representing shades of red, blue, green, and yellow, the SAIoneers stood in unison, accompanied by the disciplined NCC SAIoneers.

The Chief Guest, in a resonating statement, shared, "Today, as we witness the flag soaring high, let it remind us of the sacrifices made and the unity that binds us." Colonel Otta added, "Raising this flag symbolizes not just freedom but our responsibility towards our country's progress." The Chief Guest's eloquent address resonated deeply, instilling a sense of inspiration and national pride in all attendees

Headmaster, SAI International Residential School, Shri Amitabh Agnihotri remarked, "This event magnificently captures the essence of unity in diversity, a cornerstone of our nation's strength." This commemoration stands as a testament to the collective spirit of a nation advancing resolutely toward progress.