Dazzling Display: SAIoneers Shine in Balijatra’s Vibrant Pathyatra

On December 2, 2023, the students of Sai International Residential School illuminated the Pathyatra at Balijatra, Cuttack with a dazzling performance. A group of 23 dancers enthralled the audience with captivating moves choreographed to the patriotic song 'Ujle Shole' from RRR, adorned with Indian Flags and Dafli props. Mayor Subhash Chandra Singh commended Cuttack's talent and expressed joy at SIRS' participation. The day unfolded at 6:45 am, with the students reaching the venue by 7:30 am, providing them a unique opportunity to interact with Mayor Singh amidst applause for their remarkable skills. 🌟🕺