Cyber Security Workshop by Crime Branch of Odisha

On the invigorating morning of October 2, 2023, the premises of SAI International Residential School (SIRS) played host to an enlightening and engaging Cyber Security Workshop, meticulously organized by the Crime Branch of Odisha. This event, marked by an enthusiastic turnout of students, proved to be a beacon of knowledge and awareness in the realm of cybersecurity.

The workshop unfolded a diverse tapestry of activities, offering something for every inquisitive mind present. From a thrilling painting competition to captivating skits, and the ultimate test of wits in the quiz competition, there was no shortage of opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the world of cybersecurity. Notably, Srivatsa House emerged victorious in the quiz competition, showcasing their exceptional grasp of cybersecurity concepts.

Guiding the workshop with unwavering dedication were a distinguished panel of police personnel, each possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Shri Swastik Panda, ACP Cuttack, Chandrika Swain, Cyber Inspector, and Lilly Sahoo, Sub-Inspector, led the charge, delivering a series of insightful presentations that left a profound impact. Through meticulously crafted PowerPoint presentations and captivating videos, these experts illuminated the multifaceted landscape of cybersecurity. Their efforts were not in vain, as the audience hung on to every word, absorbing invaluable insights into the intricacies of this ever-evolving domain.

Reflecting on the success of the Cyber Security Workshop, it was abundantly clear that the event had achieved its intended purpose. It had not only increased awareness but also enhanced knowledge among both students and staff of SAI International Residential School. In an era fraught with digital threats, initiatives of this nature are not just commendable; they are essential in arming individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to combat cybersecurity challenges effectively.

Shri Swastik Panda, ACP Cuttack, expressed his thoughts on the workshop, stating, "I am truly impressed by the enthusiasm and receptivity of the students here at SIRS. Their engagement in cybersecurity matters is inspiring and bodes well for our collective digital future."

Chandrika Swain, Cyber Inspector, added, "Workshops like this bridge the knowledge gap and empower the younger generation to navigate the digital world safely. It's heartening to see such initiatives taking shape."

In conclusion, the Cyber Security Workshop conducted by the Crime Branch of Odisha not only served as an educational milestone but also as a testament to the power of knowledge sharing and proactive learning in the face of modern cybersecurity challenges.