Conquering Exam Stress: SAIoneers Thrive in Empowering Webinar

SAIoneers from our school actively engaged in a transformative virtual webinar themed "Say No to Examination-phobia," hosted at the Astaranga Auditorium through Zoom on February 3, 2024, from 3 pm to 4 pm, meticulously organized by AFS India Intercultural Programs. Serving as the adept host, Ms. Sarita Badhwar, AFS India, initiated the event by eloquently addressing the theme and providing concise introductions for all the distinguished experts present.

The session, focused on the pervasive issue of examination stress, commenced with Mrs. Badgel, National Director, AFS India, delivering profound insights into its impact. Further enriching the discourse, Mrs. Mohanty offered invaluable tips on stress management, while Mrs. Ahmad delved into effective examination preparation strategies. Ms. Chandrakar emphasized the significance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and Dr. Bindra shared her personal strategies for success in the academic arena.

Adding a unique dimension to the webinar, student representatives from various schools shared their perspectives on navigating the challenges of academic preparation. This collaborative approach transformed the webinar into a comprehensive guide, offering a holistic understanding and practical solutions for overcoming examination-related anxieties and stress.

As our students eagerly absorb the wealth of knowledge bestowed upon them during this empowering webinar, they emerge fortified with practical strategies to conquer exam stress. Equipped with newfound confidence, they are now better prepared to approach academic challenges with resilience and a positive mindset.