Budding Athletes Engage with Acclaimed Strength & Conditioning Expert

SAIoneers engaged in an interactive session on July 17,2023, with Mr. M. Manikandaraj, an acclaimed International Level Athlete & Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach specializing in sprints science & training. Currently stationed at Kalinga Stadium as the Chief Strength & Conditioning Expert for the Sports Science Centre under the guidance of the Department of Youth & Sports, Govt. of Odisha, Mr. Manikandaraj shared invaluable insights on the role of discipline in a sportsperson's career and the significance of morning conditioning. Through engaging examples, he inspired the students, leading to a highly interactive question and answer session where the young enthusiasts showed exceptional interest and enthusiasm. This empowering experience undoubtedly kindled the fire of ambition and determination within the students, motivating them to unleash the champion within.

From applying scientific principles toward improving an athlete's fitness and performance to monitoring an athlete's progress, he emphasized how strength and conditioning coaching can help budding athletes over a wide range of sporting areas.

"It was an absolute pleasure to engage with the bright minds of SIRS during the interaction session. Witnessing their curiosity and passion for athletic development was truly inspiring. I believe that discipline is the cornerstone of any successful sportsperson's journey, and morning conditioning serves as the bedrock of their physical prowess. Through real-life examples and insights into the science of sprints training, we shared a powerful moment of growth and learning. The students' active participation and insightful questions showcased their dedication to realizing their full potential. I am confident that these young talents have the capacity to become true titans in the realm of sports, and I'm honoured to play a part in fuelling their ambitions.", expressed Mr. M. Manikandaraj, after conducting his session.